Dr. Judy Holloway



Ecotherapy is a psychotherapy practice based on the theories and ideas of Ecopsychology. In its simplest form, ecopsychology holds that connection to nature is a part of our genetic heritage as human beings (see "biophilia"). For the around 50 million years we have been on Planet Earth, we human beings have been immersed in nature, and our survival and ways of being have depended upon that intimate connection. It is only recently, in the past 300 years or so, that we have strayed away from that connection; this disconnection is viewed as escalating toward the end of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.

Ecopsychology holds that increasing disconnection from nature is a strong factor related to observed and measured increases in physical and mental illness in modern society.

Ecotherapy integrates reconnection to nature as part of the therapeutic tasks of coping with the stresses of a modern lifestyle and in building health and wellness into our ways of being.

I will work with you to create your own unique path to reconnecting with nature on your journey toward increasing balance, health and wellness in your life.

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